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Long overdue: NY Attorney General targets fake social media activity with a first-of-its-kind settle

Some good news from the Attorney General in New York regarding fake social media activity.

According to CNN, the NY Attorney General's office settled a case against Devumi, a social media company who made millions of dollars in revenue by creating fake social media posts and comments. The settlement came after a probe exposed its activities.

Attorney General Letitia James announced this first-of-its-kind settlement with the now-defunct company Devumi.

Evidently the company sold fake followers, "likes" and views on various social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, SoundCloud and Pinterest by using activity from other fake accounts.

Clients include business people, celebrities, musicians and even adult film stars, all in an effort to give the impression that they were more popular than they really were. Nobody admitted to guilt, however.

It's these kinds of companies that give legitimate social media agencies and consultants a bad name. So good for Attorney General of New York for taking a lead on this. It's long overdue.

When will social media behemoths be held accountable for allowing this to happen? They are hugely profitable and need to hire more internal investigators to identify and prevent such activity.

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