Fake LinkedIn profiles are a problem. Here's how to deal with it. (hint: it's not that difficult to do)

April 15, 2019



Every social media platform of note is facing many challenges. One of the bigger ones is, how do you deal with fake identities?


Unfortunately, LinkedIn -- the #1 business website in the world -- is not immune. Fake profiles absolutely exist there, just like other social networks.


How do you counter such a big problem?


To be clear, no matter how much LinkedIn might want to fix this problem, they are facing an uphill battle. It would be all-but impossible for them to fully stop fake profiles from being uploaded.


Instead of worrying and fretting about those who create fake profiles, try these simple steps.


(1) If you don't know them, delete their connection request


This is the easiest way to deal with the problem. If you don't know them, don't connect with them.


(2) If you connect with them and they spam you, disconnect from them


You can control who you connect with on LinkedIn. Use that power.


(3) Ask why they connected with you


See if they are real by asking a real question. The answers are sometimes hilarious.


(4) Focus on relationships


Stop trying to sell people on LinkedIn. Speak with them instead.


In other words, use a little common sense and ignore the phonies.

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