SNAGG Software acquired for $120 million

April 1, 2019



New York City


SNAGG Software, an innovative relationship analytics tool, was acquired by DLD Private Equity Holdings, for a reported $120 million, paid entirely in LinkedIn Inmail Credits.


"We are excited to receive so many Inmail credits," said David Deutsch, co-founder of SNAGG Software. "LinkedIn Inmail is one of the most innovative tools ever invented, right up there with LinkedIn Endorsements. Now we will never run out of people to spam!"


"When we started SNAGG Software. we had one dream: spam people with overly sales-y LinkedIn Inmails," echoed co-founder Navid Nassiri. "Finally, our dream is being realized."


The deal, the first of its kind in tech history, sent shockwaves throughout New York, Silicon Valley and central-west New Jersey.


Meanwhile, LinkedIn's 500+ million users are bracing themselves for an endless deluge of SNAGG spam.




For more information, send an email to Or, you can realize this is an April Fool's Joke and hire us anyway for relationship analytics!





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