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How not to use LinkedIn automation: a cautionary tale

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about how to properly use introductions to get pre-qualified meetings with folks.

tl;dr: Stop trying to sell, start building relationships.

You can call this Part 2 on how not to use LinkedIn.

As you can see, Scott, above, used LinkedIn automation in an attempt to add a personal touch to meeting with me.

There are two hilarious ways to tell he did this.

First, he used my first and last name. As you can tell, I added my Chinese name to my profile, because I speak some of the language and want my Chinese contacts to know this.

Scott used the generic [firstname] [lastname] feature, thus making this "personalized" request seem funny.

Second, and even more hilarious, is how he automatically pulled my LinkedIn title automatically. Thus it captured my official LinkedIn title:

Co-Founder, Chief ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Officer

If you can't tell, that weird thing is actually a shruggie emoticon, indicating that as co-founder my role is very flexible and does not have a clear description. I do all kinds of stuff, including blogging. I also put it on my business card. It's quite a hit.

Well, it seems Scott's automation tool included my entire "title" (which, to be honest, was just a humorous way to summarize my role.) And it made him look silly.

Automation tools can be great. But they can also make you look foolish. So be careful when using them. Okay? Okay!

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