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Stop trying to find your passion. Do this instead.

Find your passion.

We hear that all the time, don't we?

Tons of well-meaning people will tell you to find your passion, then do that thing. Because fulfillment and stuff.

Do you love to travel? Start a travel agency!

Do you love to eat? Figure out a career in food service!

Are you a natural networker? Get a job in sales!

Full disclosure: I used to say the same thing.

When I think about it, however, the thing that gets me most excited is not what I do, but how I do it.

Specifically, I absolutely love solving problems.

In fact, I am only as happy as my least happy client.

Here are a couple of examples.

One insurance client told us that our tech has given him so many leads that other agents in his office are circling around his desk, waiting for work he can't handle to fall on their lap.

Another client said that our insights have made his meeting far more productive. And gathering those insights would have taken him countless hours to accumulate.

When I hear that our clients are over-the-moon happy with our technology, it motivates me like few other things can.

Not because of our tech. But because we are solving their problems in a big way.

If my startup flops for whatever reason and I do a proverbial faceplant into the proverbial concrete, I will probably get a full-time job. Will that job fulfill my passion? As long as I get to solve someone's problems, then yes.

How does this apply to you?

Well, if you sell insurance but don't really care about the insurance industry, take pride in the fact that your clients are prepared should the unthinkable happen.

If you are a financial advisor but aren't passionate about finance, bear in mind that you are charting a path forward for them in a way that they could not do otherwise.

So, if I may: be passionate about the problem you solve, not how you do it.

That's how to find your real passion: solving problems.

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