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Will WeWork Work Wonders With Whopping Workaround?

Yeah, that's a lot of W's.

So, WeWork recently acquired new technology which will allow them to track people as they move around offices.

Not sure about you, but that sounds really creepy.

Like, why does any employer really need to track your every move? It makes sense if you are in a vehicle and need to be monitored. After all, if a driver is busy eating donuts or bowling when they should be at a client site, you have every right to know that.

But, if you are an office worker, why should an employer know how long you, for example, you spend in the bathroom?

Is that the kind of workplace we should create?

And, exactly how useful will that data be for employers anyway?

Tracking employee movement seems creepy and wrong. Not sure what WeWork has planned but it doesn't sound great to us.



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