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Three tools for more productive meetings

The best way to build relationships is to meet people in-person. These personal relationships are indispensable, and no amount of technology will ever fully replace them.

However, technology can enhance the value of your meetings and make them more productive.

There are three such tools:

- Sometimes you have to travel far for meetings. But why not meet somewhere halfway between the two of you? We use this all the time and it is very helpful, especially if you live in the middle of nowhere.

- Doodle: What a handy little tool Doodle is. Instead of trying to figure out the optimal day and time by going back and forth over email -- especially if the meeting involves multiple people -- Doodle can make it so much better for you.

- SnaggSoftware: yeah, it's a cheap self-promotion thing. But it really helps make meetings more productive, especially if you spend a little extra and get our mobile app. Even if you don't, our tech can help you get referrals on the spot by having scored contextualized lists of people you want to meet who they are connected to. It's awesome, trust me!

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