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The unspoken truth about entrepreneurship

We have been at this entrepreneurship thing a really long time.

Like, nearly a decade for each of us. It's been quite a ride.

Lots of ups, lots more downs. And a whole ton of self-doubt.

For a long time we would network and meet other entrepreneurs, all of whom seemed so confident in themselves. It made us feel like we were doing something wrong.

A funny thing happened along the way: people would tell us that we looked like we knew what we were doing, and it made them feel they were doing something wrong.

And that, my friends, is the unspoken truth about entrepreneurship.

Nobody knows what they are doing.


Not even the big guys.

Indeed, by definition, entrepreneurs don't know what they are doing because it hasn't been done before.

Being an entrepreneur is very different than being an employee.

When you have a job, your boss assigns you tasks and projects. You complete those and move on to the next. Unless you get fired or laid off, you can always count on that paycheck.

As entrepreneurs, we have to constantly do new things, experiment, and fail.

When we fail, it directly impacts the money that comes into our pockets. So the stakes are a lot higher for us.

So, if you are an entrepreneur who feels like you don't know what you are doing, you can rest well knowing that neither do any of us.

That is, if you can sleep at night.

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