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What is a brand? And how does branding lead to revenue?

Branding. You hear the term a lot.

Like, a lot a lot.

And it almost always lead to questions like:

"What is your brand strategy?"

"How are you branding yourself?"

If you are doing research on branding, these are the wrong questions to start with.

The first, and best, question you should ask is:

"What is a brand?"

We have an answer.

Many years ago we heard a branding expert succinctly define a brand in one word.

It's not your logo.

It's not your presence.

It's not your website.

It's your promise.

For instance, SNAGG Software promises to deliver actionable data for clients to generate leads, deliver market intelligence and run their sales strategies more efficiently.

That's our brand. That's our promise.

Things like our logo, our presence, and our website, all reflect that brand promise.

If we don't deliver, our brand takes a hit.

So when seeking your brand strategy, start by clearly articulating your promise. Everything should flow from there.

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