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Why oh why are you sharing your political opinions on social media?

Let's start from the start.

First of all, you are 100% allowed to share your political opinions on Facebook. The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees that the government cannot stop you from doing so.

Fine, you have the right.

So friggin' what?

Unless you are a political commentator, or work in the news media or for a politician or a political party or have any sort of tangential relationship with politics, then you absolutely should not comment on politics on social media.

Because as we all learned in the 5th grade -- or at least I did -- that rights are a two-sided coin.

You have rights, but you also have responsibilities.

And in our current political climate, sharing your opinion does nothing but galvanize people for, and against, you.

Approximately 30% of people are hardcore Democrats, Approximately 30% of people are hardcore Republicans. And the final 40% don't care about politics at all.

So, let me ask you something, especially if you are in business:

Why would you risk alienating up to 70% of your audience because of your opinion?

It's gotten so bad that someone parodied Bohemian Rhapsody and made it Opinion Rhapsody.

Some brands have openly embraced their politics. Good for them.

But for the most part, sharing your opinions simply alienates the vast majority of your audience.

Don't do it.

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