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If you don't want your data stolen, don't share anything that someone could steal

Many people are worried about having their data stolen via hacking.

It's understandable.

Previously we wrote a blog post suggesting you use two-factor authentication to protect your data, especially if you store your credit card information on sites like Amazon, Apple, or PayPal.

Other than that, why are you putting information on there that people can find?

Why are you obsessively checking-in to every place you go?

Why are you telling strangers your every thought, sharing every meal, allowing people to stalk you?

Why are you putting your full birthday, including birth year, on every social account?

The first rule of cybersecurity: use common sense.

Of course, even if you do your best to stay safe online there is no guarantee you are safe.

But, if you follow basic guidelines, you are reducing your risk of online harm.

Here are more resources for you to stay safe.

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