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Want better answers? Ask better questions

Better decisions come when you have better data. And better data oftentimes comes from your colleagues, prospects and co-workers.

To get better data, however, leaders need to learn how to ask better questions.

People frequently don't tell the truth, not because they're malicious, but because they might be hiding something for whatever reason.

Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar.

You are speaking with a prospective client. You are answering all of their questions earnestly, explaining how your business is better than the competition, how you can solve their problems, and they leave the conversation on a positive note. You feel great, certain that they will hire you.

When you try to follow-up, you get silence. Nothing. No response. Nada.

What happened?

Chances are, you asked a whole bunch of good questions, but not the right ones.

One technique I like when ending a sales call is to say, "If I may, you sound a bit hesitant. Is there anything else you would like to share?"

Then a gusher of information flows out which you had not even considered because, well, you are not in their shoes.

So if you are struggling to gather better data, start by asking better questions.

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