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Don't ask me to like or follow you -- on social media or anywhere else

Some years ago a blogger said that the three saddest words on the Internet were "Please like me?"

Along these lines, it is equally sad and a bit creepy to say "Please follow me?"

I mean, how pathetic, right? Tying your entire identity to whether or not strangers like or follow you?

Indeed, recently a woman went on an online tirade because her kid's Instagram didn't get enough Likes.

Poor kid.

Anyway, instead of begging people to like or follow you, how about sharing content that they actually care about?

For example, let's say you redesigned your website. Good for you. Seriously. That's a difficult and oftentimes expensive endeavor. Your first reaction might be to share your pride and joy with the world.

The problem is, you are literally the only person in the world who cares about your redesigned website!

Instead of boasting about your accomplishment and pathetically begging people to view your new website, try something like this:

"Thank you Web Design Company X for doing such an amazing job on our website. If you need your website refreshed or overhauled, call Jim at Web Design Company X, and tell them I sent you!"

In that way, you are offering something valuable to your audience while promoting people who do good work. Meanwhile, you are inviting people to see your site without begging them to Like or Follow you.

So stop with the asking people to do stuff for you. Instead, focus your efforts on helping them first. And, if they feel you could help them, they might (or might not!) share the love with a Like or a Follow.

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