December 26, 2018

We have been at this entrepreneurship thing a really long time.

Like, nearly a decade for each of us. It's been quite a ride.

Lots of ups, lots more downs. And a whole ton of self-doubt.

For a long time we would network and meet other entrepreneurs, all of whom seemed so...

December 21, 2018

Be nice.

That's what billionaire Mark Cuban says is an underrated business skill.

We agree, and encourage you to take that a step further.

In addition to just being nice, try proactively helping people.

How to do that?

Ask them how you can help. 

Then help.

It's not that hard...

December 20, 2018

The best way to build relationships is to meet people in-person. These personal relationships are indispensable, and no amount of technology will ever fully replace them.

However, technology can enhance the value of your meetings and make them more productive.

There are...

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