Market Intelligence

Do you know which accounts comprise your addressable market?

Targeted Leads

Who are the people that matter the most to you?


How are you connected with the right people and what is the strength of the connectivity?


How can you most effectively gain access to the people in the accounts that matter to you?

Close a deal.  Win a client.  Raise capital.  Increase membership.  Make the perfect hire. 

SNAGG Software connects you with prospects in your target market.



In order for a business to have a holistic market view and to devise the most competitive and effective market strategy, comprehensive and innovative business intelligence is a must.  We're here to help.  Our proprietary technology platform leverages your social networks to deliver data and analytics customized to the needs of your organization.

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A common use case for our product is lead generation.  We assess your total addressable market and, through relationship analytics, provide a path for reaching your market.  Our customers utilize our sales intelligence to gain insight into their existing target market and to assess future expansion opportunities.



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